About Us

For a well equipped kitchen

The heart of a home has always been the kitchen, and the foodie explosion of recent years has confirmed that a well-equipped kitchen keeps the vital room’s pulse racing in any occasion. From the smallest zester to the elegant stand mixer, La Soupière carries every accessory needed to cook to your heart’s content. 

Yona Chalkoun, a kitchen enthusiast

Inveterate host and home chef Yona Chalkoun is passionate about cooking and hosting; she has a holistic view of hospitality, and knows that creating a good ambiance is as important as the meal itself. Achieving this balance requires the right tools, and that is what she set out to provide for Montrealers when she opened La Soupière.

Support you daily in your culinary experiences

 Homemade cooking is a big part of the current food culture, which is an excellent development for the health of both our bodies and our wallets. But having the right equipment is still essential; pastry-making, for example, requires technique, mastery and the right tools, and that is what we aim to supply 

As a neighborhood boutique, we are happy and proud of the loyalty of our customers. Thank you !